NooJ: A Linguistic Development Environment

Kiswahili module

Mathieu ROY, DL2A Buluu Publishing & Software Development

The Kiswahili module includes:
-- A dictionary made of 4 sub-dictionaries and their derivational/flexional descriptions :
-- Adjectives: 3063 entries (13889 derived entries)
-- Nouns: 25280 entries (47171 derived entries)
-- Verbs: 16484 entries (65727 derived entries)
-- Other categories: 2525 entries (2771 derived entries)

Each Kiswahili dictionary entry is associated with an English translation.

-- a series of morphological grammars covering the whole verb tenses (time, aspect and mode)
-- a series of morphological grammars covering non verbal phenomena (predication without a verb, locative nouns, etc.)
-- a sample text extracted from Maisha ni kugharimia, the autobiography of Mathias E. Mnyampala (1917-1969)

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