NooJ: A Linguistic Development Environment

Quechua module

Author : Maximiliano Duran, Université Franche-Comté

Qu4NooJ is a set of linguistic resources developed on NooJ for the automated processing of quechua language. We follow the structure of the NooJ modules developed in the last ten years for various languages (A. Barreiro, 2008 for Portuguese; K. Bogacki, 2008 for Polish; E. Chadjipapa et al., 2010 and Z. Gavrillidou et al., 2008 for Greek; M. Georganta et L. Papadopoulo, 2012 for Ancient Greek; F. Aoughlis et al., 2014 for Tamazight; K. Dobrovolic, 2014 for Slovene). It is composed of a demo text and contains two types of elements necessary for the linguistic analysis of texts. The first one include some dictionaries of lexemes which can operate independently. The second one is a system containing a certain number of local grammars describing inflections and derivations obtained using nominal and verbal suffixes. It also includes a grammar that recognizes and annotates the dates and a grammar for the recognition of direct phrases.

It is not the purpose of this module to give users exhaustive dictionaries or a complete libraries of local grammars but rather to show some characteristics of quechua morphology and syntax.

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