NooJ: A Linguistic Development Environment

Max Silberztein

I constructed the first package of Finite State tools for Natural Language Processing, as well as the French DELAC-DELACF dictionaries for compound words, for my PhD research from 1986 to 1989 at the LADL (University of Paris 7-CNRS), under the supervision of Prof. Maurice Gross. The thesis was later published as:

Max Silberztein, 1993. Dictionnaires électroniques et analyse automatique de textes : le système INTEX. Masson Ed.: Paris.

1992-2002: I have worked on INTEX, a linguistic development environment and a corpus processing system.

2002-: I have been working on... NooJ!

I wish to express many thanks to my colleagues and students, as well as to all the INTEX users who have contributed to help enhance INTEX, and now NooJ, with their patience, criticisms, creative ideas and ambitious expectations.

Max Silberztein